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Puzzle with mermaids h2o


On Makos island waits for you a new adventure with favourite heroes. Three girlfriends, investigate the island and get under influence of a magic paternoster. Now each of them turns into the mermaid, once water touches her skin. Collect a puzzle and learn all secrets of the island of Mermaids!Get acquainted with the new magic world of mermaids and their fantastic friends. Learn about all magic abilities of mermaids.
With underwater adventures girls will be helped by new underwater friends: crab eremite Bernie, inquisitive eel Zita, little turtle Teddie, Carlotta jellyfish of a miracle and mysterious slope of Sue. And of course their best friend Lewis.
Rikki is a rebel wholl try anything and not even think of the risks. She takes on adolescence like a mountaineer takes on a peak: directly, with force and determination.
Emma is logical, mature and a perfectionist. Sometimes she gets obsessive about what shes doing and can even forget her friends for her studies or her interests. But she never forgets to look after her little brother Elliot, and when decisions need to be made, shes right there to take the lead.
Cleo is timid, intuitive and wants to become a vet for marine animals when she grows up. Her weakness is that shes sometimes too shy, even to the point of blocking her ability to respond.
Lewis is a little genius, the kind of guy who surfs the school program effortlessly and wraps up his homework before everyone else. As a result, he comes across as someone who makes no effort. Bernie the hermit crab is a little fellow who can be characterized by his expression “It always happens to me!”
In game you are waited by 15 various combinations of a logical puzzle. The game purpose — to help Emma, Cleo and Rikki to sort the constructed figure, deleting two identical not blocked counters for one course. To find two identical cards, free at least at the left or on the right. If the counter isnt closed next, it can be allocated, having pressed on it and then also to allocate the second counter. After that they will disappear and it is necessary to start looking for the following couple.
Strategy of the game Mahjong with Mermaid bears a faint resemblance to a solitaire, it is necessary to choose not simply all counters in a row, and to think, in what sequence to press counters. Become mahjong by the master!
The colorful interface and modern plots do game a puzzle even more fascinating and interesting.
Features:★ Colorful interface★ Modern plot★ Fascinating gameplay★ Game for girls and boys★ No need to connect to the internet★ Graphics of high resolution: optimized for tablet and phone.★ Mahjong with levels on passing★ Free
Play mahjong a classical puzzle a soliter in style of favorite series H2O free of charge on phone or the tablet! Learn all secrets of mermaids!